Native Fish Overlooked as Invaders in U.S. Waters
Published:20 Nov.2022    Source:ScienceDaily
In the U.S. Geological Survey's Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species database,  "native transplant" fish are almost twice as common as fish introduced from outside the country.
Larson and lead author Jordan Hartman scoured the scientific literature to document studies on non-game native transplant (NGNT) fish. And it finds that the impact of  NGNT fish can be significant.

In invasive species research, there's a big focus on population and community-level impacts. That appears to be true for NGNT fish, as well. These fish could be having effects on the genetic level, in terms of hybridization with related fish, or on the whole-ecosystem level, such as nutrient cycling of the system. But based on the available studies, we simply don't know.Unlike game fish, which are intentionally stocked into lakes and streams, NGNTs are typically moved by anglers dumping bait buckets after a day of fishing, through contaminated fish stocking, or when aquarium hobbyists release pets in nearby streams.