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Article Processing Charges Policy

The open access publishing doesn't exclude costing in the process. AquaPublisher covers the cost by collecting article processing charges (APCs) from authors and let the research results be freely accessed by readers and collected institutes. AquaPublisher holds that the directed, global, no-barrier open access of the full research article is to the optimal interests of scientific community.


What kinds of fees are included in APCs?

* The directed, global, no-barrier open access of the full research article

* The development and maintenance of the electronic tools for peer review and publications

* The preparation of full article of all formats for online publishing

* The ensuring of full article in CrossRef (to realize electronic citation of other electronic publications)

How much is AquaPublisher charging?

The standard article processing charges collected by AquaPublisher is 1200 CAD per article.

Which articles do the APCs apply to?

All accepted manuscripts of open access publications of AquaPublisher are to be charged, but this charges are not applicable to manuscript contents that need to be paid subscription fees.

Why adopt a fixed charge rather than one based on page numbers?

The size of an article is a poor indicator of the actual amount of work involved in obtaining peer reviews and in preparing the article for publication. In fact, the peer review of research articles, electronic production and data maintenance are not affected by the lengths of articles. So, we hold that the fixed article processing charges is the fairest mode of charges at present.

Who is responsible for paying the APCs?

The author who submits the manuscript pays or arranges someone to pay (for example, through the institute he is in)

How do I pay the APCs?

Once your manuscript accepted, Editorial Office will issue the invoice for Article processing Cost, the payment procedures will be instructed in the invoice. Only the APC payment is done your manuscript will be completed in the journal.

Do authors from low-income countries have to pay APCs?

Authors from low-income countries and areas can apply the discount for APC upon submission, and if the authors are qualified to be waived they don't necessarily pay the APC. This policy shall be decided by the board of directors of AquaPublisher.

Can author get a refund for an APC service fee he has paid?

YES. Please see our Returns and Refund Policy for more details.